SIGN OF DECAY | Who the Fuck is Susi
© by Marcel Flicker 2004
so please sit on my face
I like the smell on this place
I´m breathing in and breathing out

you ´re fucking hating me and everyone can see
that love has gone so far away I implore don´t leaving me
without I cannot be so please help me in this situation

wenn ich an all die alten Zeiten denke
an all die schönen und guten Momente
dann wird mein Verstand so klein - und ich verlier
denn du bist weg und ich bin immer noch hier

where are the old times
where are the good terms
where are my dreams where is my life

you took it all away
now there is nothing to say
darkness and feelings coming up

I´d like to slought your body
I´d like to kill your mind
but I am a good boy

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